Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery


Items Packed with Care and Promise

The elderly woman whom this basement belonged to, had limited access to the area due to it's steep staircase. For this reason, the basement had been flooded for an unclear amount of time before SERVPRO could be called in to help. Working ever so carefully, SERVPRO worked to pack up her belongings as water mitigation began. It turns out, this was her paint studio! The room, filled with countless sentimental creations, was treated with care as the SERVPRO team salvaged everything possible. 

BOMA day of Service

We were happy to be a part of BOMA of Baltimore's 2019 Day of Service, where we mulched, cleaned, and participated in other various repair jobs at a local middle school.

Athletic Apparel Store Clean up and Repair

A toilet valve in a work space above an athletic apparel store had failed and destroyed the ceiling and wooden floor of the store below. We replaced the drywall and floor, improving the overall aesthetic of the store better than it was even before the incident!


When we build one team with diversity, we gain exposure to new ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Those different backgrounds expand the breadth of opportunities and ideas our team can have at their disposal. We need to be focused on developing the best teammates in each role, with as much diversity as possible, to expand our combined knowledge and resources. When a team operates with a common Mission, Vision, and Purpose, the differences fade as the outcomes are achieved and personal goals are attained as a result!

Flood Damage in Cumberland Valley Apartment

Hurricane Matthew inundated an 8 building apartment complex with 2’ of flood water. Each building had 8-12 units affected.

Each building was provided with a temporary power resource so work could begin ASAP. The contents of each unit were inventoried and damaged contents were disposed of properly. Walls were cut 4’ from the floor in all apartments. All flooring and cabinetry was removed as well. The final step was to dry and sanitize each unit.

Casserole for Charity

Trish Wall and Bruce Carey prepare meals for Catholic Charities of Baltimore's "Our Daily Bread" Casserole program. This program provides over 700 hot meals daily and we are proud to play a part.

SERVPRO Cares Kits

Fire damage can be devastating for you and your family. Feelings of confusion and stress are common, and you need a caring expert to guide you through this crisis. Our dedicated Emergency Responder is busy pulling together emergency SERVPRO Cares Kits he gives to homeowners when he's out on the scene of a fire. It's just one small way we at SERVPRO shows how during any disaster, we will always treat your family with the greatest empathy and respect. 

Burst pipe at Lutherville office building

Why choose SERVPRO for your commercial and residential restoration needs? Last Friday we received a call for service at a Lutherville office building. A hot water pipe had burst in one of the office suites and had affected 4-5 offices and common areas in their suite. Our crew supervisor and highly trained team arrived in just over an hour after receiving the alert. Our quick response and attention to detail met the approval and satisfaction of the property management team that was onsite. SERVPRO is there when you need us.

Sprinkler System Failure

Recently our office responded to a sprinkler system malfunction at a local university that affected one floor. The university contacted our office because they know we are quick to respond and that SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville has the trained staff and equipment needed to resolve the issue so that they can get back to day to day operations.