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green truck

A Service Truck Ready to Go

Our crew take pride in keeping our vehicles as organized and prepped as possible. This keeps us efficient and accountable. 


Items Packed with Care and Promise

The elderly woman whom this basement belonged to, had limited access to the area due to it's steep staircase. For this reason, the basement had been flooded for an unclear amount of time before SERVPRO could be called in to help. Working ever so carefully, SERVPRO worked to pack up her belongings as water mitigation began. It turns out, this was her paint studio! The room, filled with countless sentimental creations, was treated with care as the SERVPRO team salvaged everything possible. 

BOMA day of Service

We were happy to be a part of BOMA of Baltimore's 2019 Day of Service, where we mulched, cleaned, and participated in other various repair jobs at a local middle school.

Athletic Apparel Store Clean up and Repair

A toilet valve in a work space above an athletic apparel store had failed and destroyed the ceiling and wooden floor of the store below. We replaced the drywall and floor, improving the overall aesthetic of the store better than it was even before the incident!


When we build one team with diversity, we gain exposure to new ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Those different backgrounds expand the breadth of opportunities and ideas our team can have at their disposal. We need to be focused on developing the best teammates in each role, with as much diversity as possible, to expand our combined knowledge and resources. When a team operates with a common Mission, Vision, and Purpose, the differences fade as the outcomes are achieved and personal goals are attained as a result!

Flood Damage in Cumberland Valley Apartment

Hurricane Matthew inundated an 8 building apartment complex with 2’ of flood water. Each building had 8-12 units affected.

Each building was provided with a temporary power resource so work could begin ASAP. The contents of each unit were inventoried and damaged contents were disposed of properly. Walls were cut 4’ from the floor in all apartments. All flooring and cabinetry was removed as well. The final step was to dry and sanitize each unit.

Casserole for Charity

Trish Wall and Bruce Carey prepare meals for Catholic Charities of Baltimore's "Our Daily Bread" Casserole program. This program provides over 700 hot meals daily and we are proud to play a part.

SERVPRO Cares Kits

Fire damage can be devastating for you and your family. Feelings of confusion and stress are common, and you need a caring expert to guide you through this crisis. Our dedicated Emergency Responder is busy pulling together emergency SERVPRO Cares Kits he gives to homeowners when he's out on the scene of a fire. It's just one small way we at SERVPRO shows how during any disaster, we will always treat your family with the greatest empathy and respect. 

Burst pipe at Lutherville office building

Why choose SERVPRO for your commercial and residential restoration needs? Last Friday we received a call for service at a Lutherville office building. A hot water pipe had burst in one of the office suites and had affected 4-5 offices and common areas in their suite. Our crew supervisor and highly trained team arrived in just over an hour after receiving the alert. Our quick response and attention to detail met the approval and satisfaction of the property management team that was onsite. SERVPRO is there when you need us.

Sprinkler System Failure

Recently our office responded to a sprinkler system malfunction at a local university that affected one floor. The university contacted our office because they know we are quick to respond and that SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville has the trained staff and equipment needed to resolve the issue so that they can get back to day to day operations. 

Ethics CE Class

Brian McCabe, Field Operations Manager at SERVPRO of Maryland/NOVA, presents at our Ethics Continuing Education Class for insurance agents at Willis Towers Watson.

Drying Equipment

This office space suffered from a water loss after a pipe break.  There was a significant amount of water on the floors and spreading throughout the offices.  The air movers were put in place to dry the area quickly and prevent future damages. 

Commercial Water Mitigation

SERVPRO responded to this commercial water loss.  There was significant amount of water in the floor.  There was significant water damage and SERVPRO was able to extract the water and dry properly, restoring back to normal working conditions. 

Water Loss from Frozen Pipes

After the pipes froze in this commercial building they suffered from a significant water loss.  There was water covering the flooring.  They brought in equipment to dry the building quickly preventing future damages. 

Air Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO has the professional cleaning techniques and equipment for your air duct cleaning needs. They were able to completely clean this home owners system and remove the dust from the duct work. 

Bathroom Water Damage

This bathroom suffered from a water loss on the second floor.  The team at SERVPRO responded immediately to access the loss and begin mitigation quickly.  They were able to restore the bathroom back to normal conditions. 

Office Team -- Employee of the Quarter

Mandy, also a licensed cosmetologist and still working several days a week, learned all of our office job duties very quickly!  Writing Xactimate estimates, monitoring and completing corporate and national program uploads, handling industry related mattes with customers and insurance professionals are just some of her many tasks during the day. Mandy is quickly learning and overseeing the usage of two additional specialty software packages that enable SERVPRO to more accurately and efficiently track jobs and customer contents.  We love having Mandy on our SERVPRO team!

How long does it take to dry a commercial facility?

If your business experiences a water loss, you might be wondering how long it takes to dry after removing all of the water. It can vary on many things such as temperature and any other types of climatic conditions. SERVPRO makes sure to monitor and document daily to assure your it is being done as quickly as possible. 

How to remove water from a large commercial facility?

If your church or large commercial facility has water damage, SERVPRO is able to help extract and dry all of the affected areas. Once all of the water and drying has been complete, our team can help put all the pieces back together. 

Pipe Break at Local College

This building suffered from significant amount of water after a pipe break.  The team at SERVPRO responded quickly and began clean up procedures.  It affected one quadrant of the college from the 12th floor to the First.

Church suffered from Water Loss

This church suffered from significant amounts of water on the floor.  SERVPRO responded to began mitigation quickly. They have professional drying equipment to ensure the area is dried quickly preventing further damages. 

April 2018 - Employee of the Month

Jessika, of SERVPRO Of Hunt Valley / Lutherville, is a our full-time Dispatcher and Scheduler. Jess was selected because of the teamwork she demonstrates, the manner in which she has developed the Dispatcher position behind the original job description, her acceptance and ownership of her job duties and her willingness to be proactive and forward-thinking. Jessika developed the "new" way we open our morning meeting to grab attention and star the day with a laugh from a funny video clip, a quick competitive game, an inspirational quote etc. Its been a huge success, helped strengthen camaraderie and made everyone pay attention more. Jessika sets a positive tone each day and that's key around here.

Dishes cleaned Professionally

The team at SERVPRO responded after a house fire. The house had completely burned down to the ground.  They were able to salvage some things that were dear to them and we were able to restore back to pre fire conditions. 

Home content after a House Fire

This home suffered from a Fire Loss.  The content in this home was cleaned by the team at SERVPRO.  They were able to restore the content that was dear to the home owners. 

Drying Equipment On Commercial Loss

We place drying equipment in order to create air movement that will aid in helping the moisture evaporate. You can see in this image that we have placed air movers in this commercial facility for that purpose.

Large Commercial Restoration

No matter what size job, SERVPRO is always ready to tackle it. In this image, you can see our team onsite at a large commercial loss working to restore the facility. If you have a large commercial loss, give us a call!

We love our team

At SERVPRO we work hard around the clock to serve our customers. We wanted to take a day to celebrate the hard working men and women that are part of our team. We ate good food, and played fun games. 

Water Damage To Baseboard

This home had a water loss due to a broken pipe that affected the floor and walls in this image. We brought in drying equipment and removed the affected carpet and drywall before beginning the restoration.

Sewage Backup In Bathroom

This home had a sewage backup in that caused the mess you see in this image. Sewage backups can happen for several reasons, but no matter the reason, if it happens to you, call us!

Storm Damaged Facility

This facility had damage to the roof caused by storms that impacted our area. It let rain into the facility that caused flooding on the inside that had this facility shut down for a few days.

Flooded Crawlspace

When severe storms caused flooding in our area due to heavy rains, this crawlspace was filled with water. Our team responded quickly and was able to remove all the water and repair all the damage.

Storm Water In Home

This home was flooded by a storm water intrusion when heavy rains caused problems in our area. We brought in air movers, HEPA filtered air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers to help us dry up the water.

Moisture and Mold

If you have mold, you can pretty much bet that you also have a moisture problem as the cause. In order to make sure that your mold issue is truly resolved, you must also make sure that the moisture issue is resolved as well.

Water Leak Causes Mold

This home had a water leak at the supply lines for the washing machine. Over time it caused mold to start growing. This can happen quickly. If this happens to you, give us a call!

Flooded Facility

No matter how big the job, we are always ready to handle it. Our team is highly trained and well equipped to clean up flooding in your facility. If you have a loss, give us a call!

How to cleanup after a fire?

Contact SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/ Lutherville to get a specialized team on site to start the cleanup process. Our team has experience and training to handle the complete job from start to finish. If you have any questions, feel free to call us 24/7. 

Water Damage in Fitness Facility

SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/ Lutherville was called to help extract and dry this fitness facility in Hunt Valley. Our team was quick to respond and start the mitigation process. If you have any questions about water restoration, feel free to reach out at anytime. 

Arriving on Site

SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/ Lutherville is Faster to Any Size Disaster. We can help you with ANY size loss. No matter what size, green is on it! Give us a call anytime, we're always available. 

(410) 229-0012

When Water Loss Strikes

Water loss always strikes at the worst time, but do not let water loss stop you! It sure didn't stop the people at this local gym. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/ Lutherville quickly arrived at the scene to start water loss restoration.

What is a dehumidifier?

They remove moisture from the air.

When water is evaporating it needs somewhere to go. Without dehumidification the excess moisture would penetrate the walls and ceiling causing mold to grow.

Severely Fire Damaged Home

This home suffered severe fire damage inside and out. Notice the damage to the roof. The fire department did an excellent job containing and eliminating the fire. Now, it's our turn. We brought in our team of experts and made it "Like it never even happened."

Rounding Up The Troops

Pictured here is a group about to head out for a large fire restoration job. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle even the largest of jobs. Sometimes though, you need a small army. 

Getting Ready To Tackle A Fire Job

In this picture, we are bringing in a team to tackle a particularly large fire job. As you can see, we had to bring in quite a few of our technicians to make sure the job was done right.

Lutherville Charred Garage from a Fire

This garage, badly fire-damaged in Lutherville, by oily rags and gas cans, was unnecessary. Safe storage of flammable materials helps prevent the costs and troubles associated with a cleanup and odor control by SERVPRO technicians.

Timonium Mold Remediation Needed

The damp environment in this storage facility in Timonium caused a large mold outbreak requiring scraping of the damaged surfaces as the first step. The walls were treated with an anti-fungal product and then primed with an appropriate paint to inhibit future mold damaging events from occurring.

Water Damage to a Towson North Hotel

The carpeting was wetted when the sprinkler system activated in the corridor of this hotel in Towson North. Excess water is vacuumed up, and then the strategic placement of air movers rapidly moves the air around causing a greater rate of evaporation which leads to drying. SERVPRO keeps the place dry and the guests happy.

Storm Water Damage in Towson North

The rainwater from the severe storm flooded this lower level of a home in Towson North. It was already being renovated, so it was easy enough to protect the furniture in the affected area as we were setting up the water extraction equipment. Fast service mitigated the water damage.

Water Damage – Aberdeen

Water damage in an Aberdeen home or office can be hidden from view or touch. That is why SERVPRO of Harford County uses hi-tech moisture detection equipment to locate unseen moisture.

Fire Damage – Lutherville Home

Fire damage had destroyed this Lutherville home’s kitchen. This project involved tearing out the entire damaged kitchen and replacing it with everything new. This photo shows the excellent work that was done by SERVPRO of Hunt Valley / Lutherville.

Lutherville Flooding in a Bathroom

This big box store in Lutherville suffered a flooded floor when a water supply line burst during the night. The damage was minimal thanks to the tile flooring and coving. We vacuumed up the water, also out in the hallway area, and set up a drying program. By noon time, the "wet floor" signs were taken down.

Mold Invasion in Lutherville

The continuous leak in this now demolished bathroom let to a large mold remediation service. Our skilled AMRT cleaned out the patches and then applied anti-fungal products to keep any mold spores from establishing new colonies.

Storm Damage – Towson North Home

Storm damage affected this Towson North Home when high winds blew debris into a window and breaking it. The broken window allowed heavy rainfall to enter the premises and soak the carpeting and walls. If water damage intrudes on your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley / Lutherville at (410) 229-0012. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service, and we are equipped to deal with any size disaster.

Commercial Water Damage – Towson North

Commercial water damage at this Towson North office building resulted from a water pipe that burst during the weekend. There were workers in the building, so SERVPRO was called in quickly which allowed us to clean up the water before it caused any extensive damage. The photo shows industrial air movers and dehumidifiers at work.

Storm Damage – Lutherville Roof

Storm damage left this Lutherville home with a great deal of its roof missing. The family was frightened and worried about the process of restoration. We know how trying these circumstances are so we try to formulate a written plan as quickly as possible. It is something tangible that a family that has been through the trauma of a storm can wrap their hands around and draw on for hope. When a damaged roof is involved, the response needs to be swift to avoid secondary harm like water damage. SERVPRO is known to be highly experienced in these situations which also soothes the worries of the residents. This project was carried out expeditiously without event. We had satisfied homeowners and insurance adjusters. If storm damage wreaks havoc on your property, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley - Lutherville (410) 229-0012.

Flood Damage - Towson Dormitory

Flood damage overwhelmed this Towson Dormitory. We not only needed a full complement of commercial water removal equipment, but also the commercial generators to power them. Needless to say, with this much water, power outages were everywhere. SERVPRO has specialized equipment to handle large water losses such as this. In addition to the commercial extractors, high powered industrial air movers and air scrubbers along with state of the art dehumidification equipment are used. If your facility is struck with flood damage, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley - Lutherville (410) 229-0012. We provide 24-hour emergency services to any magnitude of loss.

Mold Damage – Cockeysville Bathroom

Mold damage developed in this Cockeysville bathroom on the backside of a tiled wall. SERVPRO was contracted to tear out the tile and clean up the mold behind the wall. We cut a portion of the drywall out to allow for air movers and dehumidifiers to perform their function behind the wall. When high-tech instruments used by our technicians signaled that the hidden structure was dry, we repaired the drywall and put the tile back up. Our crew received praise for their efficiency and professionalism. If you even have a hint that you might have mold damage, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley - Lutherville

(410) 229-0012.

Fire Damaged Couch

This couch was damaged by smoke during a fire. Thanks to SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville the couch was restored back to new. SERVPRO has the materials needed to fix and protect your upholstery. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster.

Water Damaged Bathroom

This bathroom suffered from severe water damage. Water covered most of the floor. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville came in and cleaned up the mess. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster.

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen suffered major fire damage. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville specializes in fire and water damage restoration. We have the specific damage restoration training, personnel, and equipment and can quickly restore your home to pre-fire condition.