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Owners Corner: 1st Quarter 2021

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

There is no doubt 2020 was filled with challenges… just check out 2020’s own Wikipedia page (it’s all itemized by month and day). Log into your favorite social media outlet of choice - within seconds you see a meme, a video, a friend’s “vent”, an article, an advertisement – all taking you down the rabbit hole of “holy crow… is there any light at the end of this 2020 tunnel?”. 

This feeling even crept its way into our Holiday Cards from friends and family. There were humorously staged pictures, kitschy tag lines, and even thoughtful “year in recap” notes that all played on the negative events and feelings that seemingly defined 2020. Until January 2nd, 2021. That’s when I received my last and final holiday card, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

The words printed on the back of the card caught my breath and changed my perspective as I trudge into 2021:

“And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” 

 ~Excerpt from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

I am going to take from 2020 the lessons of good that rose from the times of challenge. Especially in the core parts of Jim’s and my world:

  1. Family: Our kids are growing so fast. We had a chance to slow down, spend time together – not in separate cars racing to the next sporting event. We ate dinner at the SAME table and at the SAME time. We got to talk – really talk – with our kids and watch their personalities grow. And speaking of grow… our 12-year-old grew 6 inches in 2020 all in front of our eyes (not amid the chaos where we had been so accustomed to residing). Being present and not distracted was one of the greatest blessings of 2020 and one I hope we can hold onto in the coming years.
  1. SERVPRO: Humility is an ongoing lesson, but it was kicked into high gear for us in 2020. We can plan, strategize, and control as much as we are able, but we are ultimately vulnerable to circumstances that will always lie out of our jurisdiction:
  • 1St Quarter 2020: A large geographic expansion of our business in October 2019 followed by the warmest winter on record in 125 years. A halt in business occurred, sweat on our brows accumulated, and the very real conversation of layoffs began. It was a kick in the gut. But, ultimately, reminded us the world does not revolve around our plans… we revolve our plans around the world. It was the first of many times the word “pivot” would be used this year.
  • 2nd Quarter 2020: I probably do not even need to say it. Shutdowns, fear, anxiety, and COVID-19. Our business and our team became “essential”. Within days our core service lines flipped. Restoration took a back seat as we focused on doing our part to “flatten the curve” through viral pathogen cleaning. We worked with the intent to keep businesses open, bring peace of mind to our communities (hyper link Natalie’s VFC video here – we need to post to YouTube), and do our part to slow the economic effects of prolonged shutdowns. This was a time we will never forget as entrepreneurs. Of course, the fear of all the unknown resonated, but surpassing that fear, was the pride we felt watching our team come together, accept our new circumstances, and utilize our synergies to live up to the “Here to Help” tag line.
  • 3rd Quarter 2020: It started with Arthur and ended with Iota. The 2020 hurricane season was a record breaker in so many ways. We got back to basics for a few months sending our Storm Response teams to Philadelphia, Delaware, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida in the wake of Hurricanes Isaias, Laura, and Sally. One of our favorite projects is detailed in our “Job of the Quarter” (link to this blog). Not because it highlighted the capabilities of our team alone, but because it showed the strength of our SERVPRO franchise system and our “One Team” mentality. As with 2nd quarter, our takeaway in humility mirrors the age-old proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
  • 4th Quarter 2020: Dolly Parton’s “Here you come again” started echoing in the back of my mind. The dichotomy in temperature from winter 2019 to winter 2020 is large. It has been a cold one and for the curbing of COVID-19… not helpful. A surge in cases returned in late October and our team was back to full throttle completing well over 400 COVID-19 related cleanings this quarter. The presence of the virus had resurged and so had our focus to help our communities. It was a blessing and a relief to know that we did not have to pave a new path as we did in the spring. Our team knew the ropes and all we had to do was refine the process to make our service capabilities that much better.

There is a lot of good that sprouted out of the challenges of 2020 and I urge you all to recognize it and celebrate it. Life’s too short to wrap yourself around and around again with the disappointments.

“…it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” How fitting for those to be the last and final words I would hear from 2020? I’m folding those sentences up, putting them in my pocket, and living them fully for 2021. I hope you will too.

Stay well and be happy,

Trish and Jim Wall

Caring For Your Water-Damaged Contents

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO, we know that your home is much more than its physical foundation. Rather, what makes your house your home is its contents- your personal belongings. When your home undergoes water damage, the risk for destruction extends beyond just your property. Your home’s contents, your cherished photographs, furniture, and other personal belongings, can sustain serious water damage as well. By placing more value on restoring than replacing, we believe that it is our responsibility to take the utmost care of not only your property but your personal contents as well. Regardless of the type of water damage that your home has endured, SERVPRO has a contents restoration service that will fit your needs. Continue reading to learn about the different ways in which SERVPRO can protect your belongings.

Contents Restoration

Because every restoration is different, we offer a variety of contents restoration services depending on your individual needs. For example, if there is light residue, we will utilize dry cleaning. Wet cleaning will be used for moderate or heavy residue. Additionally, we often utilize spray and wipe cleaning for any items that cannot withstand wet cleaning and foam cleaning for fabric items. We may also use abrasive cleaning or immersion cleaning, depending on the item affected.

Move-Out and Pack-Out Services

In the event that your home’s contents are in need of substantial cleaning services, it is possible that a move-out of the affected area can be initiated. A move-out can facilitate the remodeling process and protect your belongings from any further damage. Depending on your insurance, move-in day services may vary.

Electronic Cleanup

If your electronic devices have been affected by water damage, it is important that you do not attempt to use them, as the combination of electronics and water can be incredibly dangerous. Electronic devices may include the computer, T.V., or DVD player. Our team will work to clean the exterior of the electronics in order to preserve the insides. Additionally, all impacted electronic devices will be inspected by a professional electronics technician.

Document and Photograph Drying

Physical documents and photographs can be destroyed by water damage, so it is critical that we prevent further damage of any kind. Even if documents can’t be completely restored to their condition before the water damage, our goal is to dry the contents and mitigate the possibility of additional damage. We offer 5 different options for drying services, including air drying, dehumidifier, freezer drying, vacuum freeze drying, and vacuum thermal drying, based on the type of document/photograph and severity of the damage.

Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS)

Here at SERVPRO, we offer Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS for short), which helps limit some of our customers’ feelings of anxiety during such a stressful event. What does our CCIS do? By developing a detailed and thorough list of your belongings, it helps you keep track of all your belongings and the damage that they’ve endured during your water damage emergency. We construct this list by going room by room, making note of each item and its value prior to the water loss through a process of taking photos and sometimes barcoding. These elements ensure that we compile an accurate report of the belongings in your home.

Our CCIS program has many benefits, but the most important perk of all is its ability to give you peace of mind when you need it the most.

Need More Information?

If you’ve experienced water damage and are in need of our services, don’t delay. Pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley and Harford County right now at (410) 229-0012. Have questions about how we care for belongings after water damage? You can click here for an overview of how we care for the items that make your home your own. You can also learn more about our water damage restoration services by clicking here. We understand that the value of your home lies in its contents, so you can trust us to handle them with care and work our hardest to restore any water-damaged belongings to their pre-water damage condition.

Surface Cleaning With Soda-Blasting

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

For Technicians at SERVPRO, staying informed on technology and techniques is imperative. That’s why SERVPRO is one of the leading companies in the Water and Fire Mitigation industry. One of our more specific cleaning techniques is soda-blasting and it just might be exactly the service you have been looking for. 

So What is Soda-Blasting?
Sodablasting is a technique performed with specialized equipment, similar to a power washer, that uses sodium bicarbonate as an abrasive material to deep clean surfaces. Commonly used on concrete walls and wood floors, soda-blasting allows our technicians to clean off layers of grime, filth, and discoloration without seriously harming or degrading the surface in question. Unlike ice blasting, soda-blasting seeks to keep the material completely intact. This is incredibly useful for working on historical pieces, support beams, and all sorts of plastic and wooden material as the structural integrity of the surface is not in question at any point.

Over the year of 2020, we had to use this technique a few times, most notably in Howard County Maryland, to deep clean the surfaces of a log cabin that had had a substantial fire which, not only charred the wood, but stained it from all the ash and soot. We suggest that this is one of the best ways to clean the surfaces of wooden materials affected by fire damage or mold as again, it deep cleans the surfaces without severely harming the structural integrity of the wood.

Why Choose Us for Your Deep Cleaning Needs?

Mostly, because we know what we’re talking about. When you call a plumber, you don’t want a guy to come and just fix the problem, you want a guy that’s investigating the problem to find out what happened and prevent it from happening again. Our techs are taught, on day one, how to spot the problem and know the correct way to go about solving it. We believe that there is never a  One-Size-Fits-All solution and that each situation is uniquely different, therefore our crews need to be knowledgeable enough to make the right decision for YOU.

If you believe that our commercial soda-blasting services are right for your home or commercial business, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley and Harford County today at (410) 229-0012. We understand the importance of getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible after enduring devastating mold, fire and smoke, or water damage. Trust SERVPRO and its soda-blasting cleanup services experts for a clean that won’t disappoint.

Make it "Like it never even happened."

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Whether commercial or residential, fires can have devastating effects on not only homes and buildings but on the lives of those who live or work in them as well. For this reason, it is of great importance that your home or business is restored to its pre-fire condition so that you can get your life back on track. Here at SERVPRO, we strive to make it “Like it never even happened.” With so many unknowns after a fire, you can be certain that we will begin our trusted, 7-step fire restoration process immediately. Let’s take a moment to walk through this process, step by step.

  1. Emergency Contact

As soon as the fire has been put out, be sure to make SERVPRO your first call. Because every fire is different, we work with you to personalize and tailor our restoration services to your individual needs. By calling SERVPRO, you can guarantee that we will respond immediately, equipped with the right resources and equipment for the services that your property requires.

  1. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Once onsite, our team of experts will carefully inspect the scope of your property’s fire damage in order to determine the extent of fire, smoke, and soot damage. With this information, we are able to build the best plan of action.

  1. Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Services

Before we begin work, our team will place boards or tarps over any areas that have become exposed as a result of fire damage, which may include the destruction of windows, doors, or roofs. These services are necessary in order to prevent further damage during the rest of the restoration process.

  1. Water Removal and Drying

Oftentimes, after a fire has been put out, there may be water damage to the property as a result of the fire having been extinguished with water. If this is the case for your property, we will completely remove all of the water. First, we will get rid of any standing water. Following this process, we will employ dehumidifiers and air movers in order to remove the rest, leaving your property completely dry.

  1. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

Next, our team targets remaining soot and smoke left on surfaces such as walls and ceilings, using our specialized equipment.

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing

The next step in our process is cleaning and sanitizing any items that have undergone fire damage. For every item that can be restored after a fire, we clean, sanitize, and disinfect. In order to do so, we utilize a wide array of cleaning techniques and eradicate odors by making use of industrial scrubbers and fogging equipment, giving your home or business a thorough and high-quality clean.

  1. Restoration

The final step of our fire restoration process involves putting the final touches on restoring your home or business to its pre-fire condition. These final steps range from minor repairs, such as painting, replacing drywall, and installing new carpet, to major repairs, including the reconstruction of damaged rooms or areas.

In Need of Fire Damage Restoration? Give SERVPRO a Call

Our number-one priority is helping our customers get back to normal after a destructive and devastating event. If your home or business has undergone fire damage and is in need of restoration services, look no further than SERVPRO. During such a distressing time, take comfort in our thorough, 7-step fire restoration process and know that we will take every step to make your home or business’ fire damage “Like it never even happened,” restoring it to its condition before the fire. Click here for more information about our fire restoration process and call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley and Harford County today at (410) 229-0012.

3 Hidden Fire Hazards In Your Home

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, 27% of fires occur in residential homes. The majority of homeowners are familiar with the most well-known fire hazards in the home, such as those involving an open flame or electricity, including the stove and electrical wiring. However, other objects in the home that aren’t commonly considered fire hazards can also be dangerous. The following are 3 hidden objects that risk the ignition of a fire in your home.

  • Loose Outlets

Faulty electrical wiring is known to be a fire hazard, but what about electrical outlets? As time passes, the blades inside of electrical outlets loosen. Have you ever tried to plug in a cord and it falls out? This is a common sign that the blades inside of the outlet have loosened. These blades can conduct intense heat, which may lead to a fire igniting.

  • Laptops

We’re all too familiar with experiencing our laptops overheating while using them for long periods of time. When laptops overheat, leaving them sitting on fabric surfaces such as a bed comforter, a blanket, or a sofa, for extended periods of time can risk the ignition of a fire.

  • Glassware

You may remember the classic science experiment of starting a fire by focusing a ray of light on a flammable object through a magnifying glass. Certain types of glassware, which may include vases or drinking glasses, can serve the same purpose as the magnifying glass, instigating a fire if a concentrated ray of sunlight passes through them and focuses onto a flammable object. Be sure to keep glassware away from windows in order to prevent an unwanted fire.

Residential fires can ignite and spread quickly, risking the safety of anyone inside your home and devastating fire damage in the blink of an eye. Keep a lookout for these hidden fire hazards and practice caution when dealing with wires, electrical appliances, and flames in order to prevent a potentially dangerous fire from igniting in your home.

Hidden fire hazards can cause unexpected, devastating damage. If your home has experienced fire damage, call SERVPRO today and click here to learn more about our fire damage services. You can also check out our Fire Brochure. You can trust our team of fire damage specialists with extensive expertise in residential fire damage to restore the damaged areas of your home quickly and thoroughly.

Chris Employee Highlight Writeup

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

In summary of our most recent Employee Highlight video about Chris Hoeltke, Hoeltke is the kind of man who seeks unpredictability and challenge, while valuing loyalty and family.

Chris Hoeltke, the Warehouse Coordinator of SERVPRO, a full-service disaster-recovery company, has lived an interesting life. From his childhood spent working on cars with his father, to the boat he and his wife, Shannon, have decided to live on full-time.

During our conversation with Chris, we talked about his job history. He told us that he never stays at any place of work for too long. Since his first job position, he’s lasted roughly five years at any given job. He explained how he starts from the bottom, works his way up to the top, then moves on. 

“I get bored,” he explained. If his work is no longer challenging for him, Chris no longer finds excitement in what he does. He says this is why working as the Warehouse Coordinator for SERVPRO has been the perfect job, because he never knows what the day will bring when he arrives at work. Something that is broken might need fixing, a storm may have hit that he needs to travel to, a nearby job might need his assistance. Whatever the case may be, Chris is happy to do it because it’s always different from yesterday.

In the recent late August, you may be aware that Lake Charles in Louisiana was struck with the devastating Hurricane Laura. Shortly thereafter, the town was struck by Hurricane Delta. Hearing about the back to back devastation, SERVPRO sent several teams down to the scene to help any businesses or families in need. Hoeltke was part of those teams. 

“I was happy ‘cause I got to see my family,” Hoeltke stated. 

Prior to his scheduled Louisiana visit, Hoeltke had already spoken with Jim Wall, owner of SERVPRO Team Wall, about his roots in Louisiana. 

“[Jim] let me go down a day early so I could spend a day in New Orleans… I got to see my parents who I hadn’t seen in 15-18 years.” 

Hoeltke’s home reunion was successful to say the least. He got to meet nieces and nephews that he had never met before. 

In all, we appreciate the years Chris has spent with us thus far and are happy to have gotten to know him the way we have. Thank you Chris, for everything.

Asbestos Abatement - We do that too

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

Asbestos Abatement – We do that too…

Asbestos. It is a term we hear a lot and one that immediately brings to mind deadly health risks linked with prolonged exposure to the material.  Mesothelioma, a tumor of the tissues lining your lungs, stomach, and heart, is one of the most prominent.

Large scale production of asbestos began in the early 1900s and its popularity in the use of building materials was a natural choice for building materials during this time due to its natural fire resistance, sound absorption, and insulation properties. It wasn’t until the 1980s when the damaging effects of exposure to asbestos was fully realized.

It was found that “when stray asbestos fibers enter the air, they can enter the body and get lodged in major body parts like lungs. These fibers remain in the body forever once inside and slowly irritate healthy cells until asbestos diseases develop.” 

In our line of work, potential exposure to asbestos is a real threat to our production team, homeowners, and businesses as we complete restoration, cleaning, and rebuild services. Specifically, as it relates to the demolition phase of our restoration process in buildings constructed prior to 1980 (when the manufacturing of asbestos-related products was not restricted or regulated). Common building materials that could contain asbestos include:

  • Resilient Floor Tiles (the backing on vinyl sheet flooring and adhesives used for installing floor tile)
  • Soundproofing or Decorative Material sprayed on walls and ceilings
  • Patching and joint compound for walls and ceilings
  • Textured Paints
  • Asbestos cement roofing, shingles, and siding

It has become commonplace practice by our team to perform asbestos testing on materials described above before entering the demolition phase of our process. We utilize a third-party Industrial Hygienist to perform testing on samples and compile a protocol for abatement in the case of positive results.

In the past, we subcontracted any Asbestos Abatement services needed to third party providers. However, in 2018, our team completed the training, testing, and certification processes required to perform Asbestos Abatement in house. It is a very similar process to mold remediation and so we felt our franchise group readily able to handle this much-needed service.

We recently completed an Asbestos Abatement at a senior living facility in West Virginia. A kitchen fire weaved its way into the attic space of a 4-unit townhome. Two of the four units along with the attic suffered extensive fire damage.

Upon asbestos testing, it was found that both the mastic (glue) underneath the tiles and the joint compound on the walls and ceilings returned with positive results. Before any demolition or reconstruction could begin, our Asbestos Abatement team had to move in and do what they do best.

We set up containment, decontamination chambers, and contained showers within each townhome unit. Then the work began where we could safely remove and dispose of the tile, glue, and drywall.

At the completion of Asbestos Abatement, we then bring in the independent Industrial Hygienist for another round of testing to clear the building of any remaining traces of asbestos.

Our team received clearance and we are now currently finishing up reconstruction services. On the exterior, we replaced siding, windows, and the roof. On the interior, we installed all new electrical wiring, new ductwork, plumbing, and insulation. We installed all new kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Drywall, flooring, trim, and painting throughout the homes were completed as well.

SERVPRO is most thought of as solely water and fire restoration, but our book of services reaches far and wide. If your home, facility, or customer needs a team that can truly handle it all, please know you will be in safe hands with SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team – Team Wall.

Halloween Fire Safety Tips

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Anytime there's an excuse to dress up at work, SERVPRO of Hunt Valley Harford County loves to really go all out. It's not uncommon to see a few of us here wearing demon horns or witch hats as early as October 1st. So, when it comes to Halloween, we don't mess around. In fact, a lot of us here deck out our houses with huge rigs of lights, animatronic skeletons, fog machines, speakers, you name it. What does all of this require? Tons of electricity and that can take your relatively safe Halloween night into an actual nightmare. So what precautions can you take to ensure the safety of your house and still keep it spooky?


  • What Are Your Decorations Made of?

Generally speaking, putting dried out hay bales or corn stalks next to open flames is not the best idea. Be sure to take into account what you're setting up and if it could be a hazard or not. One of the biggest culprits of this are paper bag luminaries.

  • Try Swapping Flames for LEDS

While it's nice to have an open flame once in a while, if not properly watched, even something as simple as a jack o lantern can catch fire to something. Try swapping out your run-of-the-mill candles for some color-changing LEDs to not only spark up the action but make your set-up safer.

  • Keep an eye on your costume

Some pieces of dress or costume can have long dangling threads or even just highly flammable material such as acrylic. Always check your surroundings to make sure there isn't an open flame near these materials that could accidentally light. If this does happen, however, always remember; Stop, Drop, and Roll.


Things like fog machines, chainsaws, and riding lawn mowers have a tendency to leak oil if not properly taken care of, always remember to check your gas caps before starting any gas powered equipment near an open flame.

  • Remember to Test Your Electrical Outlets Before You Plug In

Especially those that are outside and exposed to the elements, even if "it worked fine last year" does not mean it will be safe again this year. Take the time to test your outlets and ensure that you're using the correct power outlets to prevent an electrical fire.  Along with this, a good "haunted house" can cost you OVER $281.32 A WEEK (according to That’s a LOT of watts, and you wouldn't want those running all night unsupervised.

Accident prevention is the key to making smart, calculated decisions that could cost you in the long run. We always strive to provide customers with solutions to everyday problems in hopes that they will never need our services again. We know how hard house fires can be for families and we will always be here to get people back on their feet in their time of need. If all else fails, remember, you can always call on your local SERVPRO for assistance.

Job of the Quarter (Q4 2020)

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

PrimeCare Medical Rebuild

Let’s face it, 2020 has handed us some pretty bizarre circumstances across the board. Adapting to these circumstances, finding alternatives, and embracing that “let’s figure it out” attitude have been the keys to those still smiling and thriving this year. We would argue to say these attitudes help people succeed at any moment in time… not just in a year filled with unpredictability.

At Team Wall we promote the “7 Pillars”. These are qualities we look for our team to embody on a day-in, day-out basis: Solutions, Hustle, Persistence, Team, Accountability, Consistency, and Quality. These are not just buzz words written on a wall, but attributes that set our customer service experience apart.

When choosing our “Job of the Quarter” we look for an example where all 7 Pillars are clearly displayed and embraced. There was no question. Our work at PrimeCare Medical not only checked this box, but squashed a common stereotype, “SERVPRO doesn’t do rebuild work”. Simply not so. We handle everything. You can count on us for every aspect of the job, from beginning to end.

It was an early morning just after 3 AM, when we received a call requesting emergency water mitigation services at an office building in Harrisburg. The building had suffered a sprinkler head malfunction, causing water discharge on the second floor that impacted over 2 dozen offices and, in short, water damage to the building’s entire structure. By 4:20 AM that morning, our team was onsite and ready to get to work. We’re not lying when we say our response time is on point.

After a meeting with the building’s ownership, we agreed to perform the rebuild upon completion of our mitigation and demo services. That sounds like a quick conversation, but a lot of dialogue surrounded the topic of “Rebuild”. The ownership had no idea SERVPRO performed reconstruction work. They were hesitant to hand this piece of the job off to us, but our lead time is what got us the opportunity. We can close up mitigation services one day and begin reconstruction the very next. That’s a hard metric to match when you are using multiple vendors and, as we know, time is always of the essence in commercial work.

Throughout the next 3 ½ weeks, our team hustled to complete water mitigation and demo work for the building’s structure and contents. Behind the scenes, we began planning for reconstruction of the affected areas. We committed to a turnaround time of 60 days. Preparation and planning, we knew, would be key to execution.

And execute we did. The customer was so pleased with our response and fulfillment of requests, that we were given additional repair work to fully complete the building’s restoration and rebuild process. Working quickly and efficiently, we agreed to have these additional repairs complete and get their company back to occupying the building within 30 days.

We know that every job is unique. That is why we keep in regular contact with our customers, making sure that we tailor our services to their specific needs. This job was no exception. We engaged in daily communication with the customer and key stakeholders in the process, keeping them updated on our progress and making sure we were meeting their needs.

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team – Team Wall strives to be your “one-stop shop” after any disaster. We have built a strong and talented Reconstruction department that helps our team truly live up to that oh-so-famous line, “Like it never even happened.” We are extremely grateful for opportunities to help companies like PrimeCare Medical and hope to be given an opportunity to help you and your customers in the future.

Running Towards the Storm

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Storm Trucks outside of building A few of our storm trucks stationed outside after Hurricane Sally

Ever get that eerie feeling? You’re cruising down a 4-lane highway and you’re the ONLY person on the southbound side of the road. Northbound is jam packed with cars and you can’t help but wonder, “What did I miss?”.

We get that feeling a lot, but wouldn’t categorize it as eerie, more just… this is what we do. When hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and natural disasters strike, SERVPRO is headed towards the storm ready to jump in and get to work.

Easy? Heck no. Never an adjective we’d use to describe storm response work. But, worth it? In every aspect of the word.

This year alone we have helped home and business owners in Cleveland, OH; Chicago, IL; Saginaw, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Bear, DE; Washington DC; Cleveland, OH again; and most recently, Pensacola, FL and Orange Beach, AL. And the year’s not over yet.

Team Wall’s Vision Statement is to “Restore peace of mind to EVERY customer. EVERY day.” At home, this is of utmost importance, but when running towards the storm to help those in need, this takes on a whole different meaning. People’s lives are rocked to the core by mother nature, a force completely out of their control. We send our seasoned team members to help walk these people step by step through the restoration process – from demolition, debris removal, drying, insurance coverage and approvals, and even rebuild – we are the facilitator and advocate for our customer to get them through a life changing event. And we love it.

We’d like to give a special shout out to our team members currently responding to storm damage caused by Hurricane Sally. You are special people and we can’t thank you enough for all you do!