Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moisture and Mold

If you have mold, you can pretty much bet that you also have a moisture problem as the cause. In order to make sure that your mold issue is truly resolved, you must also make sure that the moisture issue is resolved as well.

Water Leak Causes Mold

This home had a water leak at the supply lines for the washing machine. Over time it caused mold to start growing. This can happen quickly. If this happens to you, give us a call!

What is a dehumidifier?

They remove moisture from the air.

When water is evaporating it needs somewhere to go. Without dehumidification the excess moisture would penetrate the walls and ceiling causing mold to grow.

Timonium Mold Remediation Needed

The damp environment in this storage facility in Timonium caused a large mold outbreak requiring scraping of the damaged surfaces as the first step. The walls were treated with an anti-fungal product and then primed with an appropriate paint to inhibit future mold damaging events from occurring.

Mold Invasion in Lutherville

The continuous leak in this now demolished bathroom let to a large mold remediation service. Our skilled AMRT cleaned out the patches and then applied anti-fungal products to keep any mold spores from establishing new colonies.

Mold Damage – Cockeysville Bathroom

Mold damage developed in this Cockeysville bathroom on the backside of a tiled wall. SERVPRO was contracted to tear out the tile and clean up the mold behind the wall. We cut a portion of the drywall out to allow for air movers and dehumidifiers to perform their function behind the wall. When high-tech instruments used by our technicians signaled that the hidden structure was dry, we repaired the drywall and put the tile back up. Our crew received praise for their efficiency and professionalism. If you even have a hint that you might have mold damage, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley - Lutherville

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