Water Damage Photo Gallery

Drying Equipment

This office space suffered from a water loss after a pipe break.  There was a significant amount of water on the floors and spreading throughout the offices.  The air movers were put in place to dry the area quickly and prevent future damages. 

Commercial Water Mitigation

SERVPRO responded to this commercial water loss.  There was significant amount of water in the floor.  There was significant water damage and SERVPRO was able to extract the water and dry properly, restoring back to normal working conditions. 

Water Loss from Frozen Pipes

After the pipes froze in this commercial building they suffered from a significant water loss.  There was water covering the flooring.  They brought in equipment to dry the building quickly preventing future damages. 

Bathroom Water Damage

This bathroom suffered from a water loss on the second floor.  The team at SERVPRO responded immediately to access the loss and begin mitigation quickly.  They were able to restore the bathroom back to normal conditions. 

How long does it take to dry a commercial facility?

If your business experiences a water loss, you might be wondering how long it takes to dry after removing all of the water. It can vary on many things such as temperature and any other types of climatic conditions. SERVPRO makes sure to monitor and document daily to assure your it is being done as quickly as possible. 

Pipe Break at Local College

This building suffered from significant amount of water after a pipe break.  The team at SERVPRO responded quickly and began clean up procedures.  It affected one quadrant of the college from the 12th floor to the First.

Church suffered from Water Loss

This church suffered from significant amounts of water on the floor.  SERVPRO responded to began mitigation quickly. They have professional drying equipment to ensure the area is dried quickly preventing further damages. 

Water Damage To Baseboard

This home had a water loss due to a broken pipe that affected the floor and walls in this image. We brought in drying equipment and removed the affected carpet and drywall before beginning the restoration.

Sewage Backup In Bathroom

This home had a sewage backup in that caused the mess you see in this image. Sewage backups can happen for several reasons, but no matter the reason, if it happens to you, call us!

When Water Loss Strikes

Water loss always strikes at the worst time, but do not let water loss stop you! It sure didn't stop the people at this local gym. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/ Lutherville quickly arrived at the scene to start water loss restoration.

Water Damage – Aberdeen

Water damage in an Aberdeen home or office can be hidden from view or touch. That is why SERVPRO of Harford County uses hi-tech moisture detection equipment to locate unseen moisture.

Flood Damage - Towson Dormitory

Flood damage overwhelmed this Towson Dormitory. We not only needed a full complement of commercial water removal equipment, but also the commercial generators to power them. Needless to say, with this much water, power outages were everywhere. SERVPRO has specialized equipment to handle large water losses such as this. In addition to the commercial extractors, high powered industrial air movers and air scrubbers along with state of the art dehumidification equipment are used. If your facility is struck with flood damage, call SERVPRO of Hunt Valley - Lutherville (410) 229-0012. We provide 24-hour emergency services to any magnitude of loss.

Water Damaged Bathroom

This bathroom suffered from severe water damage. Water covered most of the floor. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville came in and cleaned up the mess. SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster.